Treelectric’s First e Scooters Arrive in the USA

Treelectric’s First e Scooters Arrive in the USA

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NEW YORK, March 31, 2021Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) has reported the arrival of 2 e-Bikes the T-70 and T-90 from its EV manufacturing partner Treeletrik Sdn Bhd. of Malaysia.

These are the first set of e-bikes with more to come for the North American market.

Treeletrik is a licensed EV manufacturer and distributor focused on the high-growth ASEAN markets.

Treeletrik manufactures for all electric powered vehicles in Malaysia, with extensive relationships in both the public and private sector including exclusive supplier agreements with the Malaysian government, Malaysian Police, and regional operators for up to 60,000 EV buses and 100 Million EV bikes and mopeds into ASEAN countries, as part of an estimated $6-7 Billion USD equivalent of Malaysian and ASEAN market.

Treeletrik shareholders include the Royal Family of Malaysia, and other prominent Malaysian business leaders including Dato’ Thor Chin Keong, Yap Min Foh, Dato’ Majid Manjit Bin Abdullah, Shariful Kamal Bin Shaharuddin, Chan Hau Kong, and Ms Mizoguchi AI.

Treeletrik electric bikes are 100% eco-bikes which are cleaner, safer, more advanced, affordable and with minimal maintenance.

There is an ESG initiative tree planting program in place based on the number Treeletrik units sold.

The company has a Battery-as-a-Service program being deployed in Thailand for 2-wheelers, and will expand the pilot program to other countries.

A North America marketing program is planned to start in 2021.

Ideanomics owns 51% in the holding companies of Treeletrik.

Features & Highlights


Easily managed direct drive system
Customizable ECU
Portable Recharging Station
Spare Battery Options
Zero CO2 Emissions


No Oils
No Chains
No Needless Maintenance
No Petrol
No Hassle

About Treeletrik

Treeletrik is the first company to bring a true electric bike to Malaysia, pioneering a new way of mobility. Its 100% eco-bikes are cleaner, safer, more advanced and affordable with minimal maintenance, delivering long-term cost savings while improving the quality of life and the environment. The Treeletrik team comprises the best in various fields including engineering, quality assurance, product & industrial design, marketing, and line assembly. With our strategic partners in the field of EV, we attract talent from the leading universities in the Asia region, enabling us to continue to lead the way in electric vehicle design and build.

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